Sports are a fandom, too

People are passionate about a lot of things. Books, movies and television shows are some of the things that many people form fandoms around.

It’s not uncommon for people to be made fun of for showing pride in their fandom. However, there’s one fandom that gets overlooked. A fandom that many people may not realize they are in.


That’s right, all of those athletes and fans are a part of one big fandom, too!

With soccer alone drawing billions of fans, sports are the biggest fandom.

1. People in the sports fandom are passionate. 



2. There’s cosplay!



3. Conventions are held all around the world, like this one in Melbourne.

Team Red vs. Team Blue at Rod Laver Arena


4. Athletes hold panels for the media and fans.

Winter Olympics 2002


5. Instead of shipping characters, teams are pitted against each other



6. You can get merch anywhere, including Costco



7. Most importantly, sports bring all types of people together



So before mocking someone’s deep love of something, look inside of yourself and ask “am I a part of a fandom too?” and think about how you’d feel if the situations were reversed.

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