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Summer Movie Season has officially started with Captain America: Civil War, the latest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The thing that was on some people’s mind was why would these heroes fight each other? Especially being that we already had a movie with two heroes fighting each other not too long ago.

Well, here is one of the main differences between Civil War and Dawn of Justice: the former is miles better than the latter. In fact, Civil War may be one of the best superhero movies to come out this year, and we still have a few more to go.

The main thing that I noticed about this movie is that while this is actually a Captain America movie, this has more of the Avengers this time around, and a couple of debuts in the MCU, too. It could easily be seen as “Avengers 2.5,” as noted on the trivia section on IMDB for this film. However, in spite of the majority of the Avengers being in this film, as Hulk and Thor were nowhere to seen, there is a reason that it’s billed as a Captain America film, as the story picks up from where Captain America: The Winter Soldier left off.

The story has simple premise, it involves political interference on the Avengers’ activities that had occurred in the previous films, which leads to rift between the heroes. Plus, it has Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) wanting to go after The Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), with Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) having an issue with it. Ergo, why this film is dubbed Civil War.

When it comes to Marvel’s films, they do a lot of things right in terms of the effects and action. The movie had plenty of action, but a couple of standout action sequences really overshadowed the others. One in particular was the sequence that involved both fighting and chasing. The fight between Bucky and the debuting Black Panther on a rooftop was good, but it got more interesting as it led right into the chase, when Bucky jumped onto the road below, with Captain America and Black Panther right on his tail.

The other standout action sequence was the big battle between the heroes. Iron Man enlisted the help of Spider-Man (Tom Holland) in his MCU debut, while Captain America had the help of Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), which in my personal opinion was a surprise appearance. The battle scene stood out not only because of the action in the fights, but also the funny one-liners delivered by some of the characters, like Falcon (Anthony Mackie), Ant-Man and also Spidey. It was a good mix of action and comedy.

For all the good stuff that this film had, there were also a few low points, but not that many. One of my primary gripes is the main villain’s motive for starting the rift between the heroes. While it was written well and the villain had a reason, and the actor did a good job in the film, what got me was that his motive seemed like it was meant for the audience to sympathize with him. Sympathetic villains are nothing new, but it almost felt like the audience should root against the heroes.

In my personal opinion, this film is what Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice should have been. This was actually “heroes fighting each other” done right. It has a good mix of action and comedy. It was a good-time at the movies, overall.

Score: 4/5

Movie Review 4-5

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