About The Fandom Telescope

While many sites strive to offer news of the nerdy variety, many of them tend to repeat the same information: recycled press releases, rumors, casting news and new announcements. However, aside from the odd quoted tweet, one important thing is often neglected from these sites: the voice of the fans. Everyday people who watch the newest movies, play the newest games, and spend their time going to conventions.

The Fandom Telescope wants to change that, and put a larger focus on the people who attend conventions.

How do fans react to the newest casting? Why do they attend conventions? Why do they cosplay? What do they make and sell?

The Fandom Telescope will answer these questions, as well as provide news, features, opinions and reviews of a variety of things across many fandoms.

Mission Statement

Providing fan focused feature news.


To contact, please send an email to thefandomtelescope@gmail.com

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