Stephan Starnes

Founder / Editor-in-Chief

Stephan Starnes is a graduate of Cosumnes River College, with associates degrees in journalism, photography and liberal arts. In his four years on his college newspaper, The Connection, Stephan held almost every editorial position, including Editor-in-Chief, News Editor, Online Editor and Multimedia Editor. After graduating, Stephan moved to Phoenix, where he covered Phoenix Comicon for Geekfinity, a website belonging to a fellow editor for The Connection.

Now, he hopes to move his focus from the events themselves, to the fans that attend them and their experiences.

Conventions attended: LeakyCon 2013, Wizard World Comic Con Sacramento 2014, LeakyCon 2014, Phoenix Comicon 2015.


Liz Nunn

Contributing Editor

Liz Nunn was on her high school newspaper, The Carbon Nation, for four months. In her short tenure on the paper, Liz won an award for her review of Paramore’s Brand New Eyes album. Now, Liz creates her own art and jewelry to sell online, and enjoys going to conventions when she has the chance. With her mind set to help her fiancé Stephan with his new site, Liz will be acting as a copyeditor while contributing photography and graphics to various stories.

Conventions attended: Breyerfest 2005, Breyerfest 2007, LeakyCon 2013, LeakyCon 2014.


Emanuel Espinoza


Emanuel Espinoza worked on the Cosumnes River College newspaper, The Connection, three times and has spent two years interning at the Elk Grove Citizen. Espinoza is interested in expanding his horizons as a reporter. He is also into other forms of creative writing and photography.


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